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The immortal cell is hidden in plain sight.

In the middle of the gardens, where the hill of glass stands shining in the sun, where there are fountains of sparkling water and trees heavy with bright fruit, it is hidden.

There is something strange about the fountains if you look; the water is tinted an unusual colour; instead of the sunlight sparkling in them there is a fierce unnatural radiance, as pink as raw flesh, that hurts your eyes to look at it.

The water ripples as if stirred by an earthquake. It resonates with a sound that you cannot hear unless you touch it. The water is filled with the song of the immortal cell, synthetic and excruciating. It is calling to you.

The water ripples with a deep throbbing pulse, like a great heart straining to beat.

If you touch the water, you feel the song. If you touch the water, it is because the song has called you through the ground, through your skin, through your bones, through a memory that was not yours.

And the song in the water shows you the immortal cell.

The immortal cell floats at the apex of the glass hill, wounded with broken pipes, bleeding a thick stream of molten pink blood that falls up, up, up into the sky. The sky is red. The whole world is red, tainted by the cell's pulsing light, and lit by no other. The path beneath your feet is slick with oil, and Judgement in the form of smoke coils around the cell, watching you.

it's terror time again!

Sep. 14th, 2017 02:41 am
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things are a bit slow lately, but hey, still! halloween's coming up!

same idea as last year, rly--characters turn into something they're not--fairies, mermaids, witches, robots, whatever you can think of/want 'em to be, along with the castle getting chillier and more unsettling.

any suggestions to spice it up if anyone wants is also cool ofc!

the entrance

Sep. 9th, 2017 06:59 pm
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One minute he's doing what he usually does in the afternoon: riding the thermals, drifting, watching those delicious mice and voles and lizards go about their days, down below. Exactly what he did yesterday. And what he will do tomorrow. It satisfies the hawk part of his mind. That's all any bird of prey wants to be doing. Always, always looking for food, and the human in him can easily lose himself in the hawk.

Anyway, time passes and the world keeps on turning whether he's bored or not...

And then the ground is suddenly much, much closer to him. Even more alarming is a sudden wall of stone far too close--he flares his wings and veers sharply, barely managing to avoid splatting himself against the side of the castle. Well, now he's awake... and furious. Pretty damn obvious who's behind this. The Ellimist, who else? Hasn't he done enough for the universe?

Anyone within range as he flaps, trying to gain air, will hear a voice that seems to bypass the ears yelling at them.

< Alright, I know you're watching me! Just come out and tell me what you want this time! >


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