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Time, [Pokémon] and other living things with life to absorb, long nights and room in the gardens enough for even something as large as itself to hide--all have done plenty for Yveltal's strength. It knows it will neither completely die or fall into a centuries-long sleep again.

Yet, still not strong enough to escape. No matter how hard it flies away from the castle, it never gets far enough to get anywhere else; the building and island are the only place it ever finds to land, even after hours of flapping and gliding. It can barely tell which direction anything is when the sun is down. 

It doesn't get it, nor does it like it. Yveltal keeps trying even so. 

If it didn't, then maybe it could've preserved its dignity.

If anyone is watching the skies or generally living in the area, they will witness a giant silhouette cruising across the sky, dipping down and down and down until it's low enough to clip the castle. A sharp turn midair and a careful landing directly on top of a tower, and it cuts an impressive figure, massive wings holding the edge like arms and claws digging in, sending bits of some sort of roof tile skittering down as it surveys its domain and prison.

For about ten seconds. 

There's a sickening crack followed by a dozen others. Yveltal barely has enough time to unhook its claws and screech its alarm, not enough to spread those wings, before the roof caves in beneath its huge body.

Strangely, it does not fall far. It lands in...branches. Atop a massive tree, though many of the branches shatter under its weight as well, so it ends up about a quarter of the way down before it stops.

Yveltal screams again, struggling to get itself upright instead of sideways, but it's drowned out by the angry calling of hundreds of birds now swarming the tower and flying out of the hole it tore open and--swooping to strike at its face, leaving it awkwardly twisting its unusual wings to block its eyes.

How embarrassing. 

hold on to your dreams

Jul. 16th, 2017 03:21 pm
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Something else new, a bit out of the way this time. It's a mirror, in between the two thrones in the dusty old throne room. It's cleaner than the rest of the room, and tall, with clawed feet at the bottom. Taller than anyone residing in the castle, in fact.

There are words inscribed along the top of the mirror: ERISED STRA EHRU OYT UBE CAFRU OYT ON WOHSI

Naturally, one is going to want to walk up and look at themself, aren't they? It's what one does with a mirror.

(( Yep, it's the real thing! Looking into Erised will show your character's truest desires. Make top levels, play with each other, and try not to smash the mirror.

Edit: And for the sake of making it interesting, everyone else can see what your character sees too. :> ))

small event idea maybe

Jul. 15th, 2017 05:12 pm
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this month is full of fireworks holidays irl--at least for a few, canada, us, france. i was thinking about using about a week of nights in the castle for something like that. not a specific celebration, just fireworks! flying from everywhere around the sky. because they're pretty and startling and those things are fun. =w= plus ppl would be able to find some smaller ones around the castle, for good or bad.

what do ppl think? and if nobody's against it, do you have any thoughts on having it be a full week event or just one minglepost? i'd think having entries about it spread over a week makes more sense but if ppl prefer the latter, then hey ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(if it goes, it'll probs be the last full week of this month. 23rd to 29th.)

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